Hi, I'm Tomesha Campbell,

I'm a nutrition coach that works with Christian women who are struggling with body image and want the solution for feeling more confident in your own skin. I coach you how to transform your body from the inside out without depending on fad diets or 90-minute workouts.  

What I'm really passionate about is helping women live a lifestyle that truly honors God. 

This passion came after realizing that the effort I was putting into changing how I looked on the outside through diet and exercise, had little effect on changing the way I felt about myself on the inside.

So, I stopped investing my time, money, and energy into fad diets and 90-minute workouts. 

I started investing my time into learning about nutrition, my money into working with coaches to help me ditch dieting and break up with the scale, and my energy into reading the scriptures so that I could live a life that truly glorified God and not my body.

That helped me shift away from constantly hating the way my body looked to taking a more body neutral approach to health and fitness. 

Now as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, I help my clients - who are wives, mothers, caregivers, entrepreneurs, veterans, and so much more - shift away from focusing so much on how their body looks to focusing much more on what their body enables them to do. 

And when I'm not coaching and mentoring my clients, you'll typically find me...


New England with my foster dog Penny.


A night on the town with friends. 


With a book and a glass of Moscato. 

Want to Know More? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Me...

  1. I love cupcakes because it is literally the perfect combination of icing and cake!
  2. I look up to Cathy Hughes and admire her journey from being an Administrative Assistant at Howard University to becoming the first African-American woman to head a publicly traded corporation.
  3. My guilty pleasure is a night in with Chinese food and a glass of Moscato. 
  4. One thing on my bucket list is to go on an Antarctic cruise and do a polar plunge into the Antarctic Ocean. 
  5. My faith is important to me because I know what it's like to be lost and I'm so blessed that I found my way to God.

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