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I've been a Health and Wellness Educator for the past 6 years. I currently live in Watertown, Massachusetts with my dog, Penny Deena. I began my career as a health coach as a way to manage my autoimmune condition. Once I started working with clients, it helped me recognize the power of integrating a more weight-inclusive approach into my practice. I'm not the only one that has noticed. 

The demand for weight-inclusive care is growing. With more people feeling comfortable talking about their bodies and desires, we're seeing an increase in the number of health professionals who want to start or grow a business that fosters this kind of culture by being welcoming towards all types of bodies!

That's why I help health professionals develop the skills they need to start a weight-inclusive business that grows their income and impact. I do this through workshops, training sessions on everything from defining your target market all the way up to building a clientele base for yourself in today's highly competitive world of health and wellness.

A Fitness Mindset


We are an online weight-inclusive health and wellness education company on a mission to make healthcare more welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of each person irrespective of their size.


We combine our experience and expertise to help health professionals create lasting change in the way people think about their bodies. We do this by providing them with high-quality information and private workshops that are tailored to meet the needs of their health business.


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