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Break the Binge Eating Cycle

I support millennial women to become more mindful eaters so they can control their cravings rather than let their cravings control them! 

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Hi, I'm Tomesha!

I'm a compassionate and experienced nutrition coach who is ready to help you BECOME a more confident and MINDFUL eater. With 4+ years of experience, I've learned firsthand how to help my clients eat more mindfully.

That's why here at A Fitness Mindset, I share recipes, tips, and resources to help you create healthier habits. If you're looking to break the cycle of binge eating and become a more mindful eater, then you're in the right place!

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Get my favorite recipes and read my best tips for helping you control your cravings and break the cycle of binge eating!


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Learn simple tips to break the cycle of binge eating at night in this FREE 5-Tips to Stop Binge Eating at Night Guide!


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Learn the proven method to stop binge eating at night in our FREE 5-Day Challenge! 


"I've tried many different bandwagon diets and some worked short term but they were never easy to stick with, not to mention money pits. Working with Tomesha I am more organized with my meal prepping and planning and that has made making healthier choices easier."

Veronica M.

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