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How to Get Fit Without the Stress of Diets or Calorie Counting

This book is the smart, sustainable path to health and fitness. You’re going to learn how diet culture is harmful, and why intuitive eating can change your relationship with food forever.

Are You Ready to Ditch Dieting for Good?

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Do you struggle with:

  • Achieving your health goals without restrictive diets or punitive exercise programs.
  • Creating a healthier relationship with food and movement that will last a lifetime.
  • Finding peace and satisfaction with your bodies.
  • Finding resources, including training, handouts, recipes, and more, that are designed to make healthy living easier.

If so, I know how you feel:

I was in grad school when I first started working as a health coach. It was the perfect way to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. But even as a health coach, I struggled to help my clients find peace and satisfaction in their bodies.

The reason is that diet culture promotes thinness as the means of obtaining health, success, and beauty. Even though we all know you don’t need to be thin to be healthy it's often hard to break free from that mindset.

That would lead many of my clients straight to me as they were frustrated and disappointed with themselves. They wanted to be healthy, but they felt like they were constantly struggling against their own bodies. And, it truly broke my heart to see them feeling so much frustration and dissatisfaction with their bodies.

Veronica’s Story:

How An Intuitive Approach Transformed Her Health and Well-being

"I've tried many bandwagon diets and some worked short-term but they were never easy to stick with, not to mention money pits. The step-by-step guidance and flexibility of the weekly goals encouraged me to really look at the food I was eating and what benefits or lack of that it had. Now I’m more organized with my meal planning and prepping. That has made making healthier choices easier."

Veronica M.

What Would It Look Like to :

  • Develop healthier eating habits that would last a lifetime.
  • Reach your goals and feel amazing in the process.
  • Transform your life by learning healthy living principles.
  • Feel proud of yourself for taking care of your health.
  • Love the way you look and how your clothes fit.

Through Intuitive Eating You Can:

  • Transform your body image and relationship with food.
  • End the dieting cycle for good.
  • Effortlessly overcome under-eating, binging, and obsession with food.
  • Feel in control of your own life and appearance.

If developing a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and your body is your goal, then I’m here to help!

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Download Chapter 1 of My Upcoming Book!

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