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I support health professionals in making their clinics and practices more welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of each person irrespective of their body size.

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Creating a welcoming environment for all bodies!

I'm committed to helping people feel welcomed at any clinic or practice they visit for health care. I believe that every person should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their size or what other aspects of themselves might seem different from others. I also understand the challenges health professionals face when trying to provide quality care while addressing issues like anti-fat bias, which is why I'm here to help! 

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The Core 4

Discover the key to fueling your body, building muscle, and feeling confident to take up space.

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The Food Heaven Podcast

Listen to health and nutrition experts share tips and resources on creating a sustainable and inclusive path to wellness.

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Inclusive Health for Every Body

In this show, we talk about how health professionals can make their clinics and practices more weight-inclusive.

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New book coming Fall 2022!

The Anti-Fat Epidemic: How Anti-Fat Bias Makes People Sick And How Weight Inclusion Can Heal Them


This is the first book to use weight inclusivity as a lens for understanding how bias affects the health of your patients and clients and what you - as a health professional - can do to create a more weight-inclusive clinic or practice!

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