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Welcome to A Fitness Mindset – the place for those looking to create healthy eating habits, prepare delicious meals, and design a nutrition plan that fuels your lifestyle!

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Do You Want to Have More Energy? 

Or, maybe you're looking to get through the day without depending on caffeine or sugar?

You, my friend are in the right place!

A Fitness Mindset is all about making it easy for busy women to create, prepare, and design a personalized nutrition plan that not only makes healthy eating easy and affordable - but which helps them create healthy habits that they can pass on to the next generation. 

My Journey: From Fast Foodie to Nutrition Coach

Hi, I'm Tomesha Campbell and I started making the transition to a whole foods diet in 2015 on a whim after struggling for years with weight gain and seeing that after three years of hopping from one diet to another, I was no closer to my weight loss goals than I was when I started dieting. 


I knew nothing about nutrition, but I knew that after trying everything from 300 calorie diets to 2 hour daily workouts that what I was doing wasn't working – what I didn't know was that the decision to transition to a whole foods based diet would change the direction of my life (and health) in more ways than I could ever imagine.

My first attempt at transitioning to a whole foods based approach to eating was rough. I literally had to re-learn how real, whole foods tasted, and I didn't know how to cook. But after two weeks of making my best attempt at making healthier food choices I not only starting losing weight, but I had clear skin for the first time since my teenage years. Just seeing those results gave me confidence to keep going which in turn lead me to want to know everything I could about nutrition and the immense benefits of transitioning to a whole foods based diet. 

The knowledge that I gained became the fuel for me to seek natural remedies to address other areas of my health and fitness I was struggling with – like fatigue and lack of energy –and become the reason I decided to pursue my nutrition certification and become a nutrition coach in 2016.

A Fitness Mindset Was Born

Around the time I started making the transition to a whole foods based diet I started A Fitness Mindset as a simple blog on to share my journey in hopes of keeping myself accountable to following through with the decision to ditch dieting for goal. 

While my journey seemed pretty boring at first – it turned out that other women where also struggling with dieting and where looking for the "secret" to hop off the dieting bandwagon for good.

Now A Fitness Mindset is more than just a blog that shares my journey, but has expanded to a weekly cooking show where I share quick, easy and delicious recipes, and weekly talk show interviewing experts in the health and fitness space. 

None of that would have been possible if I hadn't made the decision to pursue a whole foods based diet. It hasn't been easy, but I'm living proof that even a fast foodie can make the transition to a whole foods based lifestyle!

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Healthy Eating Essentials

A list of must-have healthy eating essentials that I’ve either personally used (in most cases) to prepare healthy meals at home or which have come highly recommended by people I know and trust.

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