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Our recommended products and services to help you eat healthy on a budget!

Creating a healthy eating plan that fits your budget and lifestyle starts with having the right tools in your kitchen.

That's why we ONLY recommend products and services, that we know and trust.

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Featured Products:

Shop From Your Pantry Workshop

Learn how to stock your pantry, create healthy meals, and find healthy recipes that the whole family will love! With this workshop recording, you'll also get a meal planning workbook, meal planning calendar, and pantry essentials lists.

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Prep Dish

Prep Dish monthly meal plans are heads down where I believe everyone should start when they're new to meal prepping. Not only do you get a delicious meal plan and grocery list, but you also get step-by-step meal prepping instructions to take the guesswork out of meal prep. The great part is that you can try it FREE for 14 days! So, if you don't love it you can try something else. 

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market is one of my favorite places to shop online for natural and organic products, because you can get your favorite brands at significantly reduced prices. Plus, every membership sponsors a membership for a low-income family, student, teacher or first responder. And, you can grab this special off for up to $20 worth of shopping credit when you signup today!

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Just Getting Started

Whether you're brand new to healthy eating or looking to get back into healthy eating habits, the Minimalist Kitchen Kit shares the essential tools that you need to eat healthy on a budget. 

Upgrading Meal Prep

If you're looking to upgrade your meal prepping routine, the Frugal Kitchen Kit gives you the must-have tools every meal prepper needs in their kitchen.



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