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How to Eat Healthy When There's No Time to Meal Prep

meal planning meal prep Jul 29, 2019

Struggling to find time to eat healthily? Well, I got the perfect solution to help you eat healthy even when you have NO TIME for meal prep! 

(In my Sophia Petrillo voice) ...

Picture this, Suriname, 2015 ... and I've just been volun-told that I'll be working on an overnight shift for the next 16 days in a row.  

Now that overnight shift did happen to fall over Christmas AND New Years, which meant OVERTIME pay!!!

(This was definitely raising the roof worthy!)

However, the con beyond not being able to see the light of day for the next 16 days was that I would need to get to work to plan out all my meals ahead of time. 

For one, this was before meal delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash were a thing. And, for two, I lived overseas at the time, in Suriname and there were very limited delivery options at the time. 

Since I was just starting to get into the groove of healthy eating and meal planning I didn't want the next two weeks of work...

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