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4 Simple Ingredients to Meal Plan on a Budget

Ever struggled with meal planning? If so, you're going to love this week's episode, where I'm sharing the 4 simple ingredients for meal planning on a budget.

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4 Simple Ingredients to Meal Plan on a Budget

1. Decide the Number of Meals and Snacks 

One of the first steps in meal planning that is often overlooked is deciding the number of meals and snacks that you're going to eat for the week. This step is important because when you don't take the step to plan it out you might find yourself grabbing something from the coffee shop or gas station.

Those little trips add up, which is why it's important to plan ahead as much as you can so that you're not wasting money buying overpriced things at the convenience store that you could have gotten for so much less at the grocery store. 

2. Shop Your Pantry, Freezer, and Fridge

Have you ever found yourself restocking your pantry or your fridge after a shopping trip only to realize you just...

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How to Feed a Large Family Healthy Meals With What's Already In Your Pantry

If you've ever struggled to feed a large family, you're going to want to tune into this interview with my business friend, Apolonia Cross from Plan Her Way to Fit to sharing the hacks that she's using to feed her family on 8 (with #9 on the way!)

The reason that I joined forces with Apolonia is that as a family of one (and a half if you count my dog Penny), I know all too well that not all of the tips I share are going to be applicable to large families. 

I knew that I had to get Apolonia to share exactly how she is doing this with a large family when she’s pregnant while running an online business, during a pandemic. In this special episode of A Spoonful of Soul, we break down exactly how to feed a large family healthy meals with what's already in your pantry. Click through to watch! 

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Apolonia Cross of Plan Her Way to Fit

Apolonia is a mom of 6 and an online health coach who helps working moms work...

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