Making Healthy Eating Work in Your Everyday Life

Have you struggled to get started with healthy eating? Are you looking to create a healthy lifestyle where you can thrive? 

Well, you must meet Samantha Meniette-McConnell!

Samantha Meniette-McConnell's passion for health started in her teens when she saw first hand the effects of how illness can wreak havoc in a family. She grew up with both of her parents experiencing serious health issues. She also struggled with food and weight issues that led to her developing an eating disorder that she was able to heal by educating herself on healthier habits. These experiences & challenges fueled her passion to be a life long student in pursuit of learning how to create healthier lifestyles where one can thrive in easy ways while enjoying the journey and achieving success. 

Her health coaching focuses on baby steps she calls ‘Health Bites’ that are simple tips and ways that you can implement healthy living throughout your busy day that are easy...

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