Why Healthy Eating Is Hard? Plus, 5 Simple Steps to Make It Simple & Stress-Free!

Healthy eating is hard. At least, that’s what I initially thought when I first started making the transition to a healthy diet.

Between a pretty hectic work schedule to my complete lack of cooking skills, the idea of getting started with a healthy diet felt like I was on an upward battle.

If you’re in the same boat, there’s likely one simple reason why - you’re battling your “taste buds!”

Science has proven that taste can be both a guardian and guide for our consumption of food. Which means that foods that tend to be bitter or sour generally deter us from eating them based on the potential of accidentally ingesting a toxic substance. Whereas, foods that tend to be sweet and salty encourage us to eat them based on our need for carbohydrates, amino acids, and sodium.

You know, the things we require for survival.

However, when these sweet and salty foods tend to be highly-processed, they don’t maintain their nutritional value. Which means,...

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