6 Unhealthy Fitness Habits I’m Ready to Ditch in 2019

2019 fitness habits unhealthy Jan 01, 2019

As a recovering disordered eating, I know firsthand that unhealthy fitness habits are hard to break.

From counting every single calorie that I ate to working out two hours a day in the gym, I have made more than a few questionable choices to maintain the ideal body weight.

Even though I packed away the scale long ago and now spend less than 30 minutes a day exercising there are still some habits that remain from my disordered eating days.

That’s why as the new year's kicks off with hundreds of people flooding your inbox and social media with promises of fast weight loss, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to share 6 unhealthy fitness habits that it’s time we ditch in 2019.

6 Unhealthy Fitness Hits It’s Time We Ditch in 2019

#1 Calorie Counting

As a former calorie counter, I get the temptation to believe that by simply counting every single calorie that we eat we can somehow control the way our bodies look. Unfortunately, research has proven that due to...

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