How to Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection to Boost Your Fertility

fertility pregnancy Jun 28, 2019

Have you struggled with fertility? Are you looking to increase your chances of getting pregnant? 

Well, you must meet Traci Houston!

Traci Houston is a fertility coach who helps women in their twenties to prepare themselves physically & mentally for becoming pregnant. After suffering recurrent miscarriages and battling mental health issues herself, she began working with women in 2016 to make lifestyle changes to help increase their chances of getting pregnant and officially launched her business in April 2019.

Prior to making the changes to her own life in order to conceive, Traci lost six pregnancies. This was what led her to want to work with other women who have gone through the same struggles. Today, Traci has 4 children of her own. She offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching to group courses, to seminars and keynote speeches.
In this episode, Traci and I chat one-on-one all about the...
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