Don’t Miss Amazon Prime Day and These Amazing Back to School Kitchen Deals

back to school food kitchen Jul 13, 2019

Amazon Prime Day is Monday, July 15th and some of our favorite kitchen appliances and tools that you need to stock up on before heading back to school are on sale!

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Water is key for keeping your body hydrating and boosting your energy naturally. That’s why the Brita Water Pitcher is a must have for any college student looking for a natural energy booster to help you stay energized throughout the day.

Whether you’re a frequent coffee drinker or you’re looking for a nice thing to sip while you’re doing your homework, the Keurig Single Serve Coffe Maker is going to be the perfect study companion. It’s small enough to fit in your dorm room and quick enough that you can brew up yourself a fresh cup of coffee in minutes.

Having an electric kettle is one of those investments that you’ll be thanking yourself for in years to come. Whether you’re looking to boil some hot...

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