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Why Healthy Meal Delivery Services Are Worth It

aip autoimmune disease autoimune paleo diet how-tos paleo paleo autoimmune diet product recs reviews Apr 19, 2021

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Have you been thinking about trying a healthy meal delivery service, but you're wondering is it really worth it? For many people, meal delivery services might seem like a luxury that you simply can't afford to add to your weekly budget. I thought the same thing until I discovered Pete's Paleo and Paleo On The Go.  

What Is Pete’s Paleo and Paleo On The Go?

Pete's Paleo and Paleo On The Go are meal delivery services that deliver chef-prepared ready-to-eat meals right to your doorstep.

What sets them apart from their competitors is that they offer:

  1. The option to choose individuals meals or become a subscriber.
  2. They have both Paleo and AIP-friendly menu options.
  3. All the meals are prepared in-house from start to finish. 

Most importantly, they provide you with a simple way to save money, save time and make healthy eating convenient without requiring you to spend more time you don't have in the kitchen.

If you're not yet convinced if you should invest in a meal delivery service, in this post I share three reasons why healthy meal delivery services are worth it. 

Why Healthy Meal Delivery Services Are Worth It

1. Saves You Money 

This might seem counterintuitive, but investing in a meal delivery service actually saves, not costs you money, and here's why. When you're investing in a meal delivery service you're planning your meals ahead for the week, which means you're seeing in real-time what you are spending before you ever get to the checkout page.

  • For instance, with Pete's Paleo's "Eat What You Love menu" you pick and choose your five meals, so you get to see how much each one costs that you are adding to your shopping cart. 
  • In comparison, with Paleo On The Go's "AIP Starter Pack," there is a set fee for a  curated bundle of some of their customer's favorite meals which give you the option to either try it out or commit to a subscription. 
  • Eat What You Love and AIP Starter Pack are just two of the many options you get to choose from depending on what makes the most sense for your food preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

2. Saves You Time

Even though this might seem obvious, it's so important to recognize the time that you're getting back by investing in a meal delivery service. By investing in a meal delivery service those are meals that you don't have to worry about cooking. That is the time you get back in your day that would have been spent meal prepping. 

  • With Pete's Paleo as long as you order your meals by Monday, they are shipped by Wednesday and should arrive by Friday.
  • For Paleo On The Go meals ship Monday through Friday via FedEx and generally arrives at your doorstep in 3 days or less.   
  • The great thing is that either option provides you with the ability to reheat your meals using your microwave, stove, or oven.

3. Makes Healthy Eating Convenient

One of the biggest reasons I recommend meal delivery services is that it makes it so much more convenient to eat healthily. Something that shouldn't be overlooked is that one of the biggest benefits of meal delivery services is that it makes it so much more convenient to make healthy food choices.

  • Pete's Paleo has a variety of menu options available making it the perfect option for when you want something quick you can eat when they're on the go. 
  • Paleo On The Go has a wide selection of bundles to choose from so you don't have to worry about getting bored. 
  • Most importantly, these meal delivery services provide you with nutrient-dense meals to support you in making healthy eating convenient.

If you've thought healthy meal delivery wasn't for you, I hope that you feel more confident that it can be. With meal delivery services like Pete's Paleo and Paleo On The Go, you can easily ensure you have a simple way to save money, save time and make healthy eating convenient.

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