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What’s Intuitive Eating and Why It’s the Perfect Approach for Millennials

intuitive eating Jul 18, 2022

Have you ever been so frustrated with dieting that you’ve just given up? You’re not alone. Dieting is hard; it often feels like we’re fighting against our bodies. But what if there was a different way? A way of eating that worked with your body instead of against it?

Intuitive eating may be the answer you’ve been looking for. So what is intuitive eating, and why should millennials try it? Keep reading to find out!


What is Intuitive Eating, and How Does it Differ from Dieting?

In a society obsessed with dieting, it can be hard to remember that food is meant to nourish our bodies, not punish them. Enter Intuitive Eating, an approach that focuses on listening to your body's hunger cues and permitting yourself to eat what you truly want.

Intuitive eating stands in stark contrast to the restrictive diets that are all the rage these days. Rather than deprive yourself of certain foods or count calories, you eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full.

This approach can liberate people who have always struggled with their relationship with food. Instead of feeling guilty or ashamed after eating, you can learn to trust your body and give it what it needs. If you're tired of feeling like a prisoner of your diet, then intuitive eating might be the answer you've been looking for.


Why is Intuitive Eating Perfect for Millennials?

Intuitive eating is about ditching the diet mentality and listening to your internal cues to figure out what and when to eat. And it's perfect for millennials for a few reasons.

  1. Affordability: First of all, it's affordable. You don't need to fork over a bunch of cash for a meal plan or sign up for some crazy expensive workout program. All you need to do is listen to your body, which is free.
  2. Flexibility: Second, it's flexible. You can eat not only for nourishment but for satisfaction. Because there are no rigid structures or rules to follow, you don’t feel judged for choosing to consume foods you enjoy.
  3. Sustainability: Lastly, it's sustainable. You're not depriving yourself or constantly feeling like you're on a diet. Therefore, you're less likely to give up and return to your old eating habits.

So, if you're looking for a way to eat that's affordable, flexible, and sustainable, intuitive eating is the way to go.


3 Tips for Making the Switch to Intuitive Eating

Now that you know what Intuitive Eating is and why it benefits millennials, you might wonder where to begin? Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey.

  1. Ditch the Diet Mentality: First, ditching the diet mindset is critical. You're not going to be successful with intuitive eating if you're still thinking about food in terms of "good" and "bad" or "allowed" and "off-limits." Instead, focus on listening to your body and giving it what it needs.
  2. Tune Into Hunger Cues: Next, start paying attention to your hunger cues. Tuning into your hunger cues means learning to recognize when you're physically hungry instead of just craving or mindlessly snacking. Once you've identified that you're hungry, aim to eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed. Trust me; your body knows the food it needs better than any diet.
  3. Be a Mindful Eater: Lastly, be mindful of your eating habits. Mindfulness entails being present during meals and savoring your food instead of scarfing it down. Even though this may feel awkward initially, it might also mean removing distractions (i.e., tv or phones) while eating. Being more mindful when you eat will take some practice, but it can help reduce stress around food and prevent eating more than you intend.


So there you have it!

Intuitive eating is a perfect fit for millennials because it meshes well with our values and the way we live our lives. It’s not a diet but rather an approach to eating that allows you to tune in to your own body and figure out what works best for you.

If you’re curious about intuitive eating and want to try it, these tips will help get you started on the right foot. And if you’re looking for more personalized advice, be sure to take our quiz – it will help match you up with the perfect intuitive eating strategy for your unique needs.