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Overcoming Intuitive Eating Roadblocks

intuitive eating May 14, 2022

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I was so excited my colleague Kristen Ciccolini invited me on her The Lunar Body Podcast to talk about how to work through common roadblocks that come up for people when trying to adopt an intuitive eating lifestyle.

In this episode, we talk transparently about how it takes time and patience, and a lot of work to unlearn and reframe the diet culture messaging that we've been taught for years.

What we covered in this episode: 

  • [4:17] What Health at Every Size® is and how embracing it can help influence people's health.
  • [6:00] How I found intuitive eating and what made it click for me after years of dieting.   
  • [7:37] The hardest step in my intuitive eating journey.
  • [8:59] How long it really had taken for me to trust that intuitive eating would work for me.
  • [11:14] How to deal with the urge to not let food go to waste. 
  • [12:59] How people can eat intuitively and stretch their dollars when on a tight budget. 
  • [14:15] How intuitive eating can help you find the foods that work for your body. 
  • [15:03] How to navigate dietary restrictions when following an intuitive eating practice.
  • [18:02] How to support yourself and time constraints with meal prep, but keep it exciting.
  • [21:58] How to separate your fitness activities from the pursuit of weight loss.  
  • [23:49] How to overcome the fear of weight gain when intuitive eating. 
  • [26:49] My thoughts about eating intuitively when you have to maintain a certain weight for your job.
  • [29:59] How to eat intuitively when you're not yet attuned to your hunger. 
  • [33:04] How to balance eating for taste vs. hunger. 
  • [37:59] How to eat intuitively based on your Enneagram type.

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