New Years Goals: How to Set a Goal You Can Actually Achieve in 2021

how-tos Dec 05, 2020

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How to set a goal you can actually achieve in 2021 is a question that I started asking myself as I reflected upon how this year has gone in my life and business.

For many of us we started off the year ready to make this our best year yet, but by March everything changed as the global pandemic shut down many businesses and forever changed our lives. 

Even though this year did NOT go as expected as I set down to plan my 2021 goals, I was pleasantly surprised to see I actually manage to hit every single one of my top five goals for 2020:

  • I learned to eat healthier by transitioning to the Autoimmune Protocol Diet which has enabled me to better support my immune system and manage my autoimmune diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Sjogren's Syndrome.
  • I developed new skills by taking up a new role last year behind-the-scenes in my long-time mentor, Tiffany Lee Bymaster AKA Coach Glitter's business. 
  • I grew as an entrepreneur by putting myself out there more which enabled me to get featured on the SPI Blog as well as be an expert panelist for an event with Boston While Black.
  • I became a more efficient cook by simplifying my meal planning strategy which has helped me make meal prepping easier, faster, and more affordable. 
  • I prioritized personal development by taking the time to listen to podcasts on everything from health to business. 

The funny thing is that I wouldn't have thought I accomplished anything this year if I hadn't taken the time time to write out my goals in my Day Designer Planner and reflect on them before planning next year's goals.

I want to help you do the same! 

Accomplishing goals is so much easier when you have a plan. If you're ready to accomplish your goals in 2021, in this post, I'm sharing with you 3 simple steps you can take to set goals you can actually achieve!

3 Simple Steps for Setting a Goal You Can Actually Achieve

1. Set Your Timer for 15 Minutes and Do a Brain Dump

Regardless of the goal, the first step in planning out your goals for the new year starts with a good brain dump. My coach and mentor, Tiffany Lee Bymaster (aka Coach Glitter) introduced me to brain dumping in 2016 and it has truly been a game-changer. 

What brain dumping allows you to do is to get all those ideas and goals that you have in your head out of your brain and onto paper. If you've never brain dumped before here is how you get started:

  • Grab a notebook, journal, or piece of paper and a pen. 
  • Go to a quiet place. 
  • Put your electronic devices on airplane mode.
  • Set your timer for 15 minutes.
  • Write down a prompt on the paper such as, "What are my goals for 2021?"
  • Start your timer and let the ideas flow.

Don't worry if things not related to your goals like, picking up your dry cleaning or answering that work email comes to mind. In the beginning, you'll either have a flood of ideas to write down or you'll be staring at a blank piece of paper. Either way, this a habit that you will become better at with time.

2. Set Your Timer for 10 Minutes and Choose 1-3 Overarching Goals for the Year

Deciding on 1-3 overarching goals that you want to achieve in the next year will help you stay focused. When I say overarching goal, I mean that by the end of the year you want to be able to say that I tangibly achieved "X" goal this year. 

For instance, my top three overarching goals for next year are: 

  • Financial Goal: Pay off my AMEX card! 
  • Business Goal: Make my first five-figures!
  • Life Goal: Take a weeklong vacation with my dog, Penny Deena!

While my goals are financial, business and life focused, your goals certainly don't have to. You can have personal, family, relationship, spiritual, religious, or even work-related goals. The idea is to choose 1-3 overarching goals that you can focus on this year and in the next step we're going to get more specific about how you're actually going to achieve them. 

3. Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Milestones

Now that you've chosen your 1-3 goals for the year, it's time to break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily milestones. The reason that we break down our big goal into milestones is that it provides ourselves the opportunity to aim for, achieve, and celebrate our small wins along the way to achieving our big goals. 

For example, milestones for me paying off my AMEX card could look like: 

  • Monthly Milestone: Pay an additional $100 per month toward paying off the balance. 
  • Weekly Milestone: Set aside $25 per week toward my $100 monthly goal. 
  • Daily Milestone: Make my Chai Tea Latte's at home instead of ordering them from Starbucks.  

If you're asking do I really spend $25 per week at Starbucks, the answer is, I did! This is why deciding upon my daily goal to make my drinks at home, helps me reinvest that $25 into paying off my AMEX. 

Even if your goal is not financial, but maybe a health or spiritual related goal you still need to create these milestones. This will not only motivate you by giving you quick wins, but it is the MOST important step that you can take right now to ensure you're setting a goal that you can actually achieve next year!

So, there you have it! Three simple 3 simple steps for setting a goal you can actually achieve in 2021.

Are you ready to set your goals for the new year? Share them with us below!

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