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How to Heal Your Gut Naturally

autoimmune disease how-tos meal planning Mar 08, 2021

How do you heal your gut naturally?! If you're someone living with autoimmune disease, it's a great chance you've heard about gut health, and for good reason. 

There have been numerous studies that have focused on the connection between gut health and autoimmune disease, which is why healing your gut is key to improving immune function and helping you better manage autoimmune disease. [1]

But, you might be wondering where exactly do you start when it comes to gut health? Maybe your brain immediately goes to detoxing or changing your diet. 

Well, I have a strategy where you can accomplish both without having to drink one of those overpriced cocktails or going on an overly restrictive diet. That strategy is meal planning!

Now I know that meal planning often gets snubbed when it comes to gut healing strategies, but it's hands-down the most effective strategy when it comes to healing your gut naturally. In this post, I'm sharing with you three ways meal planning helps you heal your gut! 

 3 Ways Meal Planning Helps You Heal Your Gut

1. Prioritize Anti-Inflammatory Foods 

Meal planning helps you think more mindfully about including anti-inflammatory food in your daily diet. Planning your meals helps you become more aware of the different types of anti-inflammatory foods, like berries, kale, turmeric, and olive oil, that you are including in your weekly menu. 

Whereas, when you're winging it you're likely to think about what's most convenient rather than what's actually going to help heal your gut. 

That's why taking time to meal plan is key for helping you prioritize foods that help reduce inflammation in the body. 

2. Stay Well-Nourished 

Meal planning is a simple way that you can stay well-nourished by ensuring you consume the nutrients that your body needs. The great part about planning your meals ahead is that you're able to have ready-to-go-meals available to eat that will keep you well-nourished and satisfied.

Instead of constantly stressing over what might be healthy to eat at your favorite restaurants.  

The last thing we need when we're struggling with autoimmune disease is unnecessary stress and meal planning gives you one less thing to stress about. 

3. Identify Food Intolerances

Meal planning is a great way to identify foods that your body might be intolerant of. When you meal plan you're better able to tie symptoms, such as bloating, diarrhea, and rashes, to the foods that you're eating that might be triggering your symptoms.

Rather than eliminating ALL possible trigger foods from your diet, meal planning allows you to focus on eliminating foods you are intolerant to. 

In doing so, you can slowly change your eating habits without having to give up all the foods you love. 

At the end of the day, healing your gut is essential for those living with autoimmune diseases. Meal planning is a simple strategy that can help you be more intentional about the foods you're eating and a fun way to eat your way to a healthier gut! 


  1. Dix, M. (2020). What’s an Unhealthy Gut? How Gut Health Affects You. Healthline.


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