How and Why We Sabotage Our Health and Fitness Goals

I remember the first time I ever set a weight-loss goal. 

It was the week I came home from Marine Corps Bootcamp. After months of training, I was back home in Phenix City, Alabama with my dad, stepmom, and dogs waiting to ship off to Marine Corps Combat Training. 

During those two weeks of leave, I had gone from 138 lbs back to the 158 lbs I started with before I entered Marine Corps Bootcamp I was devastated, because I had spent three months working my butt off to get down to 138 lbs. While I was on leave all the habits that I had before I joined the Corps started creeping back in. I started drinking alcohol and eating junk food, things that weren't available to me during my time in Bootcamp. 

By all accounts, I felt like a failure. 

I felt undisciplined. I thought I was being lazy. I was terrified that I was getting close to the "maximum" weight allowed for my height, so I started to make what I thought were "necessary" changes so I could diet back down to that 138 lbs. No matter how little I ate or how much I exercised I was faced with the harsh reality that I needed to change more than my habits. I needed to change my mindset around health and fitness.

That's why now as a nutrition coach who takes a more body neutral approach to health and fitness, I understand how the desire to be "skinny" doesn't always align with our lifestyle. 

For many of us, being skinny means giving up the things that we love. We think it often requires avoiding some of the foods that are common to our culture. Or, waking up at ungodly hours to workout at the gym in order to "work off" all the "bad foods" that we've eaten during the week. 

While in some cases there are foods that we should generally avoid as they don't work for our bodies or movement that we should generally be doing to stay healthy, restrictive lifestyles can be difficult to maintain long-term. For the general population who aren't training for war or competition, restrictive eating and overexercising aren't necessary. Which in term makes restrictive eating and overexercising unsustainable. 

The reason why many of us aren't reaching those weight-loss goals that we set isn't that we are simply undisciplined. We aren't reaching those weight-loss goals, because we are trying to follow a weight loss plan without having the foundation to make those habits something that we can sustain long-term. 

Do you ever feel like you're struggling to make peace with the scale? In this episode, I'm sharing four simple tips to stop sabotaging your health and fitness goals. Click through to watch it on Facebook Live now!

  • How to take control of your eating and exercise habits.
  • How to focus on what include not just exclude from your diet.
  • How to practice self-discipline in eating and exercising.
  • How to prioritize healthy movement throughout the week.

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