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6 Online Tools All Health Professionals Should Be Using to Run Their Online Business

business tools and resources Jan 05, 2022

Running a health business can be a lot of work. Between providing quality care to managing your finances, there's a lot to keep track of. Luckily, there are a number of great online tools that can help make things a little bit easier. So, I thought I’d share six tools that every health professional should be using to run their online business.


#1 Website

When I first started my health business in 2016, launching a website was a lot harder than it is today as you needed to have at least a basic understanding of coding and/or a huge budget. Today launching a website is not only easy, but it’s ridiculously affordable thanks to tools like Kajabi.

Even though you might hear that you don’t need a website, research has shown that people expect businesses to have content available online that they can easily access. [1] As we saw during the Facebook and Instagram outage in October 2021, businesses were cut off from their customers for hours. [2] Depending on social media as the virtual storefront for your business is a risk that many businesses cannot afford to make.

That’s why having a website is essential because that is your home on the web where potential patients and clients can reach out to you no matter what social media platform goes down.


#2 Blog

The last few years have seen a rise in the “Creator Economy” in which businesses can earn money by marketing their skills, hobbies, and interests online. [3] This provides a great opportunity that health businesses can tap into to grow their influence through a blog that can be hosted on platforms like Kajabi.

By the end of 2019, the number of blogs being published in the United States reached 31.7 million. [4] Not only is blogging not dead, but it’s one of the most valuable tools that health businesses can use to set themselves apart from other businesses that do what they do. By sharing your expertise, insights, or even testimonials from clients, you’re going to start being seen as the go-to expert in your niche.

As blogs help boost your search engine optimization (SEO), you’re going to be able to drive traffic to your blog without spending a dime on advertising.


#3 Email Provider

Not only is email marketing one of the best ways to connect with your patients and clients, but it’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new patients and clients than social media. [5] That static alone should have you running to send out your next email because it truly is just that powerful of a tool for your health business.

Admittedly I’ve been slow to grow my email list, but after the iOS 15 changes started impacting online advertising many businesses owners, like myself, have recognized the importance of nurturing our email lists. Email providers, such as Kajabi, have been adding more advanced features to ensure that your customers are able to grow active and thriving email lists.

Whether you’re choosing to send weekly newsletters to share updates, or you’re launching a new product, having an email list is non-negotiable.


#4 Online Scheduler

When you’re running an online health business the thing you definitely want to make sure that you don’t overlook is an online scheduler. Having an online scheduler gives you the ability to outsource your booking so that you can eliminate the hassle of back and forth emails. Plus, many of these online schedulers integrate with tools, like Kajabi, so you can automate the onboarding process.

The one caveat if you’re in the United States is to make sure that the scheduler you’re using is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant so that you don’t risk compromising the personal information of your patients and clients.

The great thing is that there are many HIPAA-compliant online schedulers available on the market so you just need to choose the one that’s right for you.


#5 Landing Pages

Whether you’re looking to grow your email list or host a paid masterclass, you’re going to need landing pages. Landing pages provide your prospects or current patients and clients the opportunity to “opt-in” to something that you’re giving away for free or something that you’re selling.

Unlike when I started in the business many landing page templates today, are optimized for conversion. In other words, you can easily choose a template, input your copy, launch it into the world, and start getting leads in a matter of minutes.

Even if design and copywriting aren’t strong suits for you, with tools like Kajabi, you can easily create landing pages that help convert your prospects into patients and clients.


#6 Checkout Page

No online business would be complete without a checkout page where you can collect payments for your health business. Regardless of whether you’re collecting a co-payment for an appointment or selling a meal plan, having a checkout page allows you to collect payments in seconds.

Similar to landing pages, the design of your checkout pages can be the difference between a prospect converting into a sale or them leaving your page never to return. That’s why it’s essential to invest in tools, like Kajabi, which design their checkout pages with conversion in mind.

If you walk away with nothing else from this article know that it's not enough to have a pretty page. That page needs to convert your leads into sales in order for you to grow a profitable online health business!


Now I know that I’ve spoken a lot about Kajabi throughout this article. It’s because it's the tool that I’ve used and loved since I first started my health business in 2016. Just as my business has grown, so has Kajabi into the all-in-one tool that I now use for my website, blog, email provider, landing pages, online scheduler, and checkout pages!

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Not only does Kajabi do all the things that I’ve already highlighted, but you can also offer a course, podcast, membership community, or any other product you want to start selling. There are even analytical tools to track your metrics as well as affiliate tools so that others can promote your products and services. Essentially, the possibilities are endless with Kajabi! Click Here to Get Started with Kajabi Today!



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