4 Steps to Kick Fatigue and Tiredness to the Curb

energy fatigue tiredness Apr 08, 2019

Every morning should feel like a fresh start—a chance to conquer new goals. But, if you’re struggling with constant fatigue and tiredness, even getting out of bed can feel like the most challenging task you have to accomplish for the day.

At least, that’s how I felt back in graduate school when the long days and even longer nights left me feeling like “The Walking Dead.”

Between studying and working part-time, I struggled to have any energy to do all the other things I wanted to do, like:

  • Exploring and getting to know Boston, the new city I'd made my home.
  • Maintaining (somewhat of) a social life.
  • Attending conferences and events where I could connect with recruiters or future employers.
  • And, of course, starting an online business in a completely different field than my field of study in graduate school - nutrition.

It was primarily through, getting tired of doing THE MOST and discovering through my nutrition education how the food I was eating was impacting my energy that I was able to develop a “formula” to kick fatigue and tiredness to the curb.

In this post, I share four simple steps that you can take this week to kick fatigue and tiredness to the curb!

4 Steps to Kick Fatigue and Tiredness to the Curb

Step #1 - Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

It should come as no surprise as a Nutrition Coach that I’m recommending that you eat a well-balanced diet. By “well-balanced” I mean that you’re eating a variety of foods that are filled with essential vitamins and minerals to help you stay full and energized.

Specifically, what that would look like for each meal is a plant or animal protein source, a non-starchy vegetable, a starchy vegetable, and healthy fat. For me, that might be a piece of grilled chicken (protein), some roasted broccoli (non-starchy veggie), and a baked sweet potato (starchy veggie) with ghee (healthy fat). If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you might swap out the chicken with some black beans and swap out the ghee for an avocado to create a delicious stuffed sweet potato.

The point is that a well-balanced diet doesn’t need to be confusing or even overwhelming. That’s why I created the 21-Day Easy Energy Boosting Meals Guide for healthy meals that don’t require hours in the kitchen. You can purchase your copy here.


Step #2 - Keep Your Body Hydrated

As a former collegiate cross country and track and field athlete I know all-too-well that hydration is nothing to play around with. Even though the only thing I run to lately is the bus, I still prioritize hydration. The reason is that hydration is: (1) critical for our survival as every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs water to function; and (2) the essential ingredient to fight fatigue and boost energy.

A straightforward way to help your body stay hydrated is to carry a water bottle with you at all times. By doing this, you’re able to continually replenish your body with the fluids that it needs not just to survive, but to thrive.

Plus, for those, like myself, who work a 9 to 5 job, staying hydrated is a great way to get your butt up from your desk. It might be annoying at first to make those constant mad dashes to the restroom, but once your body gets used to the increased water intake, you will be pleasantly surprised how much energy and focus you now have.


Step #3 - Eat the Right-Sized Portion for You

I haven’t counted a single calorie in three years, but I would be remiss not to mention that I do practice portion control to ensure I’m eating the right sized portion for my body. While calorie counting can serve a purpose, the problem with counting calories is that people often ignore the signs and symptoms (like fatigue) that they're not eating enough or they're eating the wrong foods for their body. at you’re actually not eating enough or that you’re eating the wrong foods for you.

(I’ll chat more about the later in my upcoming Kick Fatigue to the Curb Live Workshop!)

For now, the simple practice that has helped me portion out my meals is to eat about a palm of protein, a fist of non-starchy veggies, a cupped hand of starchy veggies, and a thumb of healthy fats. Need to see this in action? Checkout out Precision Nutrition’s, Calorie Control Guide.


Step #4 - Read Your Food Labels + Ingredients List

As a person who grew up on highly-processed foods, I will confess that reading food labels is a habit that I didn’t have UNTIL I developed food intolerances and sensitivities. Now from the products that I buy from the store to meals that I order from my favorite restaurants, I make it my “job” to know what’s in the food that I’m eating.

If you have a diet of highly or minimally processed foods, it is vital that you're reading your food labels and ingredients lists to ensure you're eating foods that will properly fuel your body. For instance, carbohydrates are a great (and our bodies preferred) source of energy; however, consuming carbs high in simple sugars can lead to an energy crash. So, if you're following a well-balanced diet, it would behoove of you to eat carbs that are higher in fiber as this will help keep you full and energized.

Whether you have any known allergies or sensitivities to food, you always want to read the ingredients lists. You will be surprised by the unnecessary additives that wreak havoc on our bodies. Do your body and health a favor and check those labels and ingredients lists before you buy.


And, there you have it!

The four-step formula for kicking fatigue and tiredness to the curb! Need some help implementing these steps into your routine? Well, you're going to love my upcoming workshop!

In less time than it takes to bake a cake (the homemade kind), I’ll learn exactly how to I turned my desire to stay awake at work into an energy-boosting eating plan! Register here.


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