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4 Mindful Eating Exercises to Measure Progress Beyond the Scale

how-tos mindful eating May 28, 2021

What is a mindful eating exercise you can do to measure your progress beyond the scale? This is the question I'll be answering in Part 3 of my 3-Part Mini-Series on the simple steps you can take to stop calorie counting and start mindful eating.

In Part 1, I covered the four mindful eating techniques you can do instead of calorie counting. And, in Part 2, I covered four amazing benefits of mindful eating beyond weight loss. You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Expanding upon Part 2, in this post I'm diving into the four mindful eating exercises you can do to measure your progress beyond the scale.


4 Mindful Eating Exercises to Measure Progress Beyond the Scale


1. Trust Your Food Choices  

One of the biggest challenges people experience when they make the transition to mindful eating is trusting themselves with food. This is why learning how to trust your food choices is an essential exercise that really starts with knowing that no matter what choice you make you're making the best choice for you at that moment. That might mean choosing a more nourishing meal for dinner or enjoying your kid's delicious birthday cake. Whichever option you choose when you learn to trust your own decisions, you find that you tend to make healthier choices. That is progress that you can see - no scale required!


2. Eat a Wide Variety of Foods

Oftentimes when we follow overly restrictive diets we tend to have a very limited amount of foods we allow ourselves to eat. Beyond the obvious reason that a restrictive diet is difficult to maintain, it can also leave our body nutritionally deficient. That's why eating a variety of different foods is going to be key for maintaining a well-balanced diet. This ensures you're getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel full and energized. If you've found yourself feeling depleted or you've been struggling with cravings, diversifying your plate is one exercise that will transform you literally from the inside out which is progress you can feel each and every day.


3. Avoid Unnecessary Stress  

Although we shouldn't avoid dealing with stress there are going to be times when we can choose to avoid situations that cause us stress. This is specifically important when it comes to eating as food can often be a coping mechanism to deal with stressful situations. That's why avoiding situations (and people) that you know might cause you unnecessary stress is going to be a powerful exercise that will help retrain your brain to find healthier ways to manage your stress. In doing so, you'll likely find yourself engaging in more health-promoting behaviors that amount to major progress on your wellness journey.


4. Make Movement Easy and Fun 

For many, movement is an activity people engage with solely as a "supplement" to their weight loss efforts which isn't very motivating. Rather than movement being something you do to lose weight or as a punishment for "cheating" on your diet movement can be something that supports you in eating more mindfully. When you move with an intention you're going to be more mindful about your food choices, because you want to have the energy to do the things you want to do. Whether that's running, lifting, swimming, basketball, or Salsa, ensuring that you're fueling your body properly will help you progress in whatever movement you deem enjoyable. 


Mindful eating is a powerful tool you can add to your toolbox that will help you measure your progress without ever stepping foot on a scale - unless you want to that is!

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