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4 Mindful Eating Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

how-tos mindful eating May 26, 2021

What are the benefits of mindful eating beyond weight loss? This is the question I'll be answering in Part 2 of my 3-Part Mini-Series on the simple steps you can take to stop calorie counting and start mindful eating.

In Part 1, I covered the four mindful eating techniques you can do instead of calorie counting. You can check out Part 1 here

Expanding upon Part 1, in this post I'm diving into the four amazing benefits - beyond weight loss - you can experience from implementing mindful eating habits! 


4 Mindful Eating Benefits Beyond Weight Loss


 1. Identify How Much is Enough

One of the amazing benefits of mindful eating is that it helps you better identify when you've had enough to eat. For many of us who've counted calories for years, we tend to lose the ability to know when we're hungry and when we're full. When you start mindfully eating you're able to tune into your hunger which helps you better identify when you're nearing fullness so you can stop eating before you get stuffed.  


2. Conquer Your Food Cravings 

Another benefit of mindful eating is that it allows you to feel more in control of your food cravings. If you've spent years restricting calories or avoided eating certain foods, there is a good chance you've experienced food cravings. It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to conquer your food cravings is to allow give yourself unconditional permission to eat. When you do, you're able to consume the nutrients that your body needs from whole food sources rather than your body craving those quick fixes. 


3. Plan Your Meals Ahead 

As you start becoming more mindful about how you're eating, you naturally start thinking ahead about what you're eating. Even though meal planning can feel restrictive for some when you learn to eat mindfully meal planning becomes a way for you to diversify your palate. When you're planning ahead you can mindfully incorporate new recipes, foods, and flavors into your diet. That helps you create a well-balanced diet of foods that keep you enjoy which will help you stay full and satisfied. 


4. Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Although snacking is often demonized by some wellness professionals, I truly believe keeping nutritious snacks handy helps you stay focused and energized. Whether you realize it or not, snacking is often a sign you're not eating enough food during mealtimes. Even though the long-term solution is to eat more during mealtime, the short-term solution is to have a healthy snack handy you can consume in-between meals. This not only helps you quench your hunger but it helps you make more nutritious decisions when you do choose to eat. 


Despite the fact weight loss is one of the most common reasons people start mindful eating, there are many amazing benefits of mindful eating well beyond weight loss.

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