A Fitness Mindset

I Assist Administrative Professionals to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle At Home and Work!

What You Can Expect At A Fitness Mindset

Whether you're looking for a healthy recipe for a dinner or a workout that will fit into your busy schedule, here you'll find guidance to assist you in staying fit from the inside out. 

Hi, I'm Tomesha!

I am an Executive Assistant and Health Coach that shares tips, guidance, and recipes on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by finding a balance between work commitments and home.

I know it can be difficult to find time for your personal needs while also fulfilling the demands of your career. But it's important that we take care of ourselves in order to stay productive at our jobs, which is why I created A Fitness Mindset.

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Michelle Price-Johnson

"Tomesha's motivational messages are finally getting me off of the couch (and that is no easy task)."

Shivawn Brimage

"Tomesha definitely has motivated me to do something different as it relates to fitness."

Kellie McRae

"I love that Tomesha not only talks about how to save on great foods but she also shares motivating tips. "

Victoria Romano Sexton

"Tomesha’s enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. Her fitness tips are not only easy but also actionable."

Robert Hamilton

"I appreciate the motivation, tips, tricks and advice on ways to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle."

Veronica Meiers

"I am more organized with my meal prepping and planning and that has made making healthy choices easier."