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How Can I Help You Achieve Your Goals?

A Fitness Mindset provides nutritional guidance and consulting services for people interested in a whole foods plant based diet. As a client, you'll get the tools and strategy to maintain an easy plant based diet, the skills to prepare foods at home that you actually enjoy, and the nutritional foundation to make this new habit a lifestyle.

By working with me 1:1 you'll get a tailored experience not some cookie cutter template that won't get you the results you desire. You'll have a plan that is designed just for you, taking into account your body, your lifestyle and your goals. 

How Do You Work With Me?

Book Your Initial Assessment

Prior to your initial assessment: 

- You'll complete an intake form. 

- I'll review your responses to the intake form.

- I'll design a personalized nutrition plan to discuss during your initial assessment. 

Discuss Your Personalized Plan

During our initial assessment:

- We'll review your intake form and discuss your goals. 

- We'll identify what changes you can and are willing to make. 

- I'll provide my recommendations for your next steps. 


Get Your Personalized Plan

Following your initial assessment:

- I'll send you a personalized nutrition plan via email.

- You'll decide if you want to go with the plan as outlined or make adjustments. 

- I'll provide you with a followup plan so we can track your progress and get you the results you desire. 


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