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Every woman deserves the opportunity to become her best self and it's our mission to help get you there. 

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Hi, I'm Tomesha,

Founder and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach at A Fitness Mindset. I help busy women create a diet and exercise plan that fits their time, their goals, and their lifestyle. 

Too many 'skipped' workouts and 'trips' to the fast food lanes are contributing to an increase in 'lifestyle diseases', like obesity, heart  disease, and diabetes. Because, too often time sucking tasks prevents us from making the time to commit to our diet and exercise routines. 

That's why, it's A Fitness Mindset's philosophy that 'Women Should Have the Time to Put Themselves First.'

And its our mission to make sure that women have the foundation and tools to make health and fitness a priority in their life. 

Learn How to Work With Me

"​Tomesha takes the mystery around fitness and health clear and easily obtainable for the average person -- listening to her not only drives home the need to do the work but gives me the confidence to do it. From HITT to nutrition, she breaks down and gives the kind of support that's invaluable. "

Shaneequa Cannon
Speaker & Bestselling Author

What to Look Forward to By Working With Me ...

After our initial consultation, I will email you a customized fitness plan that meets your needs. This plan will include:

A diet and exercise plan to kickstart your weight loss.

Biweekly followup calls to discuss your progress and make adjustments as needed to the fitness plan.

Unlimited access to me via email and phone access to me during office hours to address any challenges you're facing along the way.

Afraid that you might not get the results you desire?

If you do the work, I'll be with you every single step of the way to ensure that you get the results you desire.


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