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Hey, I'm Tomesha

I help women implement small daily practices to ditch diets, lose weight, and create the lifestyle that you love!

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"Tomesha's recipes and motivational messages are finally getting me off of the couch (and that is no easy task). She is the coach you know you need!"

Michelle Price-Johnson
Leadership Consultant

"Tomesha definitely has motivated me to do something differently as it relates to fitness."

Shivawn Brimage
Business Info Developer Consultant

"I love that Tomesha not only talk about how to save on great foods but she also shares motivating tips. "

Kellie McRae

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If you have been hopping from one diet to another and you're tired of wasting time and money with these D.I.Y. strategies it's time for you to implement a plan that is designed specifically for you. Here's how we can work together to get from frustrated to focused:

Fat Loss Breakthrough

During this 30-minute session, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to implement small daily practices that will set you up for fat loss success. 

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